I will not be reviewing any of the shows that I post on this website because I've never been good at analyzing beyond a simple "I like it" or "it's not my thing". All I ever really ask of music is that it brings something to the table. I'll leave the critiquing and dissection to others that are better at it than I.

Thanks always to the bands/artists for the great music and for allowing me to do this.

Wildcatting – 2008-08-08

August 27th, 2008

The Pike Room, Pontiac, MI

Wildcatting has been known as a powerhouse live act ever since they started performing four years ago. Their sets tend to charge at you full throttle with little time for a breather, propelled along by the rhythm section of bassist Nick Jones and drummer Brandon Moss (ex-Bear vs. Shark). The angular guitars of Ben Audette and Scotty Iulianelli weave back and forth through the beat from syncopation to ambient texturalization, often taking songs through long, noisy build-ups that crash back to the original beat (sometimes multiple times in the course of the same song).

This show they were opening for the last performance of Detroit’s Ancourage at the Pike Room, probably the best sounding small-venue in the area. Most of the songs they played this night did not appear on last year’s How to Survive a Sneak Attack, so here’s a bit of a sneak preview of their upcoming second album. The set finished with a blistering 9-minute long version of the fan-favourite ‘Lipping’. Not only did they put on a great set, but after they finished they went and talked to Ann Arbor’s Aleph-1 in the Crofoot Ballroom and scheduled another set later that night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hang around for that one but I’m sure they killed once again.

In a not-to-be-missed performance, Wildcatting will be performing at the wonderful Park Bar on November 1st as part of a 40th Anniversary celebration of MC5’s seminal album Kick Out the Jams. Now get this – John Sinclair will be singing and reading poetry with the Detroit supergroup Pinkeye, Wildcatting is performing the entire Kick Out the Jams album and DUENDE! are releasing a CD. It promises to be one of those nights that people keep talking about for months after, so don’t miss out!

Wildcatting – MySpace Page
Next show: September 05, 2008 – The Elbow Room, Ypsilanti, MI – 9:00 PM
Download the show: Download the show: FLAC or MP3

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Listen to “Muskratting” from this show.

Bohemian National Home, Detroit, MI

I tell ya, the local festivals have been great this year! On top of that, every one of them that I’ve been to has gone off smoothly. This one was no exception. Big, big thanks to Tony Thrush and Co. for all their hard work putting this together and keeping it going.

If you’re not sure what the Fiberglass Freakout is all about, let me direct your attention to Jeff Milo’s Real Detroit cover article from the week of the show. And, as the article states, it was really a celebration of the bands. All of the bands put on great sets, but I have to wonder where the hell everyone went to at the end of the night. The Amino Acids put on a freakin’ amazing set to a virtually empty room. Apparently, a lot of the people had just gone outside and were hangin’ in the parking lot. Buncha damn pinks…

Really, though, every band put on great sets. The only problems stemmed from microphone issues, particularly plaguing the main stage. The Potions got the worst of it, where for most of the set the mic would just stop working. As the night went on, the problem became less and less frequent so I’m guessing it was an issue with the humidity in the room. I missed a few seconds of the beginning of Bad Faces Clan’s set while I was coming back from the restroom, but outside of that, everything was recorded.

Also represented at the show was Dearborn stalwarts Stormy Records with a fine selection of CDs and vinyl. It was tempting, but in the end I decided to blow what money I had at the band merch tables. (That is, what money I had left once I’d had my fill of Ghettoblaster.) Still, Stormy would be a fine place to stop by and pick up the new releases from The BirdDogs, The Hentchmen, The GO, The Amino Acids, The Gore Gore Girls, The Detroit Cobras and any of the many other local acts with new releases.

So thank you to all the bands and to Dave of AminO Records for letting me record and post these, as well as to Tony for putting on a great show. I know that I’m already looking forward to the 5th Fiberglass Freakout.

The Killing Floor – MySpace Page
Next Performance – August 01, 2007 – Lager House, Detroit, MI – 9:00 PM
Download the show – FLAC or MP3

The Potions – MySpace Page
Next Performance – July 19, 2007 – Corktown Tavern, Detroit, MI – 9:00 PM
Download the show – FLAC or MP3

Wildcatting – MySpace Page
Next Performance – July 14, 2007 – The C.A.I.D., Detroit, MI – 8:00 PM
Download the show – FLAC or MP3

Bad Faces Clan – MySpace Page
Next Performance – none listed
Download the show – FLAC or MP3

The Pizazz – MySpace Page
Next Performance – July 13, 2007 – Luther House, Ann Arbor, MI – 8:00 PM
Download the show – FLAC or MP3

The Questions – MySpace Page
Next Performance – none listed
Download the show – FLAC or MP3

Friends of Dennis Wilson – MySpace Page
Next Performance – July 20, 2007 – Corktown Tavern, Detroit, MI – 9:00 PM
Download the show – FLAC or MP3

Heroes & Villains – MySpace Page
Next Performances – July 09, 2007 – The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI – 9:30 PM and July 10, 2007 – The Painted Lady, Hamtramck, MI – 9:00 PM
Download the show – FLAC or MP3

The BirdDogs – MySpace Page
Next Performance – July 19, 2007 – Corktown Tavern, Detroit, MI – 9:00 PM
Download the show – FLAC or MP3

The Amino Acids – MySpace Page, Official Site
Next Performance – July 13, 2007 – YARRR! PR Showcase, The Belmont, Hamtramck, MI – 9:00 PM – FREE SHOW!
Download the show – FLAC or MP3

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