I will not be reviewing any of the shows that I post on this website because I've never been good at analyzing beyond a simple "I like it" or "it's not my thing". All I ever really ask of music is that it brings something to the table. I'll leave the critiquing and dissection to others that are better at it than I.

Thanks always to the bands/artists for the great music and for allowing me to do this.

Tyvek – 2007-01-13

January 2nd, 2008

The Painted Lady, Hamtramck, MI

Here’s a nice little treat for you. This is a killer Tyvek show that features the extended 7 (or so) piece band lineup. Also, Human Eye’s Timmy Vulgar joins in for some howlin’ and hecklin’ on a couple songs. For those who don’t know, Tyvek is a Detroit band who sound like a mix of The Electric Eels, Wire, The Screamers and Westing-era Pavement. In late 2006 they released their first 7″ on X! Records, and 2007 saw a flurry of activity with the band releasing 4 more 7″-ers (two split releases with French psych-punkers Cheveu and then the enigmatic Cygnus, one dual 7″ and a regular 7″) as well as touring extensively with Cheveu and perfoming at the Pop Montreal Festival, SXSW and CMJ. Along the way the band has been garnering heaps of praise for their lo-fi underground sound. Ted Leo even named them as one of his favorite new bands to Pitchfork last year.

If you’re a fan of bands like Frustrations and Terrible Twos, then you can add Tyvek to your list of favorites.

Tyvek – MySpace Page
Next show – 2008-01-24 – Now That’s Class, Cleveland, OH – 8:00 PM
Next local show – 2008-02-16 – The Dirtbombs’ CD Release Party, The Magic Stick, Detroit, MI – 8:00 PM
Download the show: FLAC or MP3

The Painted Lady, Hamtramck, MI

I had received an e-mail from Chris of Johnny Mundane & The Sweetspots inviting me out to their EP release show and, after enjoying the tracks on the MySpace page, I decided that I didn’t want to skip this one. Unfortunately, I got there late and missed all but the last two songs of Big Black Cloud’s set. I was disappointed about that, especially considering how good those two songs were. Sorry guys! I consoled myself by picking up their fantastic EP, which is beautifully packaged and features some wonderful screenprinted artwork from Elizabeth Longo. Great stuff.

In between acts, Ryan Dillaha performed short solo acoustic sets. His blue-collar songs about love and life make me think of a bluesy-er, Motown influenced Jim Croce. Ryan’s a great, personable guy that you will definitely be seeing on here again.

Next up were I, Crime who played a strong set of straight-ahead rock. I loved the male/female vocals and rhythms reminiscent of 80’s punk bands like X and Elvis Costello & The Attractions. They’ve recently completed a US tour that included a stop at SXSW and I have a feeling that you’ll be hearing more about these guys (and gal) in the near future.

Finally, it was time for the stars of the evening – Johnny Mundane & The Sweetspots. Their Chicago Blues-flavored rock and roll reminded me somewhat of the late, great Detroit band Mule. Playing all 8 tracks of they’re newly released EP Black Powder Poetry & The Lemon Drop Bomb as well as a few other original tunes, Johnny Mundane put on one hell of a show. They’ll be opening for The Hard Lessons at Frankie’s Inner City in Toledo on June 8th, so if you’re in the area, check out what’s sure to be a great show.

Ryan Dillaha – MySpace Page
Next Performance – June 08, 2007 – Bullfrog’s Bar and Grill, Redford, MI – 6:00PM-9:00PM
Download the show: FLAC or MP3

Big Black Cloud – MySpace Page
Next Performance – June 06, 2007 – Trumbullplex, Detroit, MI – 8:00 PM
Not recorded.

I, Crime – Official Site, MySpace Page
Next Performance – July 06, 2007 – The Belmont, Hamtramck, MI – 10:00 PM
Download the show: FLAC or MP3

Johnny Mundane and The Sweetspots – MySpace Page
Next Performance – June 02, 2007 – The Pharmacy Building, Detroit, MI – 8:00 PM
Download the show: FLAC or MP3

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