I will not be reviewing any of the shows that I post on this website because I've never been good at analyzing beyond a simple "I like it" or "it's not my thing". All I ever really ask of music is that it brings something to the table. I'll leave the critiquing and dissection to others that are better at it than I.

Thanks always to the bands/artists for the great music and for allowing me to do this.

About & FAQ

April 26th, 2007

My goal for this site to be able to share recordings of the great music currently being created in Southeast Michigan. All recordings are captured with the blessing of the bands/artists and are to be shared freely. All recordings remain the property of the bands/artists. Thank you for visiting.

Wayne (Paramnesiac) –
The Necessary Evil –

Frequently (Well, not that frequently.) Asked Questions

What kind of control do the artists have over what’s done with the recordings?
Pretty much whatever they want. All I ever offer to do is record the concert and then host that recording here for people to download as well as advertise it on their MySpace page. If an artist wishes to hear the recording before I post it, I will send them a CD with the recording as it will appear on the site and they can decide whether or not they want to allow me to host it. If they request I not record or not post it, so be it. I have also been asked by some to only host recordings for a set period of time. No problem. I try to do my best to accommodate the wishes of the artists. If I ever host a show I shouldn’t or forget to take a recording down, please let me know. I’m only human and I do make mistakes.

Do you make any money from the recordings or the site?
No. I ask no compensation for any of the time or materials I use. If I am asked to send the musician a copy of the recording before I host it, I pay for the CD and the shipping. I pay for the site and do not intend to run any ads or ask for donations. On the very slight chance I am specifically asked by a band or musician to record a show, and it isn’t one I am already planning on attending, I may then request compensation for my time, but it won’t be much.

Is there a way that I, as an artist being recorded, can help out?
There’s a couple small things that’d help me out. The biggest help for me would be to get a copy of the setlist. It takes a lot of time to listen through the recordings and try to match up the songs to what’s on a CD or MySpace page. Outside of that, passing along word of mouth about my site would be appreciated. Also, if you ever have a problem with something I’ve done or said, please tell me first. At least give me the opportunity to work it out.

Is there a way that I, as a frequent visitor to your site, can help out?
The best way to help me out is to go see the bands and buy their music and other merchandise. At the very least thank them for the show and let them know how you liked it. Get your friends to go out, too. Most of these bands aren’t making much more from these shows than enough money to cover gas and maybe have enough left over to buy a pitcher of Pabst. Going and supporting the bands will allow them to continue playing and making the music you love. How does that help me? It helps me by allowing the bands and venues I love to keep going.

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